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Adam Sandler!

Adam's Bio

     Adam Sandler was born on September 6. 1966 in Brooklyn, New York.
As a child Adam played the class clown, which, inevidably would mean 
that he became a joker.  At seventeen he took the stage at a comedy 
club in Boston, this was his first real taste of comedic fame.  He 
entered New York University, and later graduated, in 1991 with a 
Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  During his freshman year, he landed a 
spot on "The Cosby Show" as Theo Huxtable's friend, Smitty.  While 
proceeding through university, he kept up his comedy act in comedy 
clubs in Los Angeles.  During one of his sets, Saturday Night Live 
alum, Dennis Miller saw him, and found him to be quite humerous.  
Miller, then, recommended this kid to Lorne Michaels, the producer 
of SNL. Which led to his career on SNL.  He started in 1990 mainly 
as a writer, but ocassionally stepped in front of the camera.  In 1991
he beacme a regular on the show, and created such characters as "Lucy,
the gap girl" and "Opera Man".
     Like most SNL alumni, Adam went into making movies, starring in 
and writing a number of films.  In chronological order, here they are:
"Shakes, the Clown", "Coneheads", "Mixed Nuts", "Airheads", "Going
Overboard", "Billy Madison", "Happy Gilmore", "BulletProof", and his 
most recently released, "The Wedding Singer."
     On top of being a Comedian, screenwriter and actor, this talented
man also wrote songs and performed them, many on SNL.  But, eventually
he put his works onto a CD in 1993, his first one, intitled "They're 
All Gonna Laugh at You," which was nominated for a Grammy.  His next 
CD, "What the Hell Happened To You," came out in 1995.  His most 
recent disk was available in 1997, called "What's Your Name".

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