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Johnny Whitworth!

Johnny's Bio

Name : Johnny Whitworth, named after his father
Born in Charleston, SC on October 31, 1975, and now lives in Los Angeles, CA
Has one brother named Danny, he lives with his father and step-mom, Millie, brother 
and 3 half brothers. His mother is Diane.
Height : 5'9"
In 1991 Johnny won YM Magazine's first Young & Modern Man contest.
His claim to fame : Empire Records (where he starred alongside Liv Tyler and fellow 
"Sunshine Cafe babe" - Ethan Embry)


Bye Bye, Love (1995) Max 
Empire Records (1995) A.J. 
"Party of Five" (1996) (TV guest appearance)P.K. 
"Gun" (TV mini-series) (1997) James
The Rainmaker (1997) Donnie Ray Black 
Hell's Kitchen (1998) ??
Somebody is Waiting (1998) ??
Bullslingers (1998) ??
Jesus Freaks (1998) ??


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