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Seth Green!

Seth's Bio

Name: Seth Green
Birthday: February 8th, 1974
Birth Place: Philadelphia, USA
Raised:  Overbrook Park, Pennsylvania
Family: Mother (Barbara), 
Father (Herbert)
Older Sister (Kaela) 
Name:  Seth Green
Seth began acting when he was six in a summer production of "Hello,
Dolly" and has known he would be an actor ever since.  Seth only 
attended an acting school when he was eight years old.  His most 
memorable acting experience was doing the play "American Buffalo".
He has quite the list of favorite movies such as: Midnight Run, 
3'O clock High, Billy Madison, Prick Up Your Ears, State of Grace, 
Defending Your Life, Dazed and Confused, Rope, Death Trap, Postcards 
From the Edge, Raising Arizona, Fear of a Black Hat, The Big Picture, 
Hard Eight, Seven, Usual Suspects, The Ref, The Shawshank Redemption, 
True Romance, Reservoir Dogs, Desperado, Blood & Concrete, Fugitive, 
Sisters, Mr. Frost, Good Will Hunting, Waiting for Guffman."  Seth 
actually does search the web, but mostly for information or for 

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